Had the amazing opportunity to show my work to Ron Wagner, who provided some really helpful critique: for me, clean up pencils, and work on establishing space. The latter is going to take a bit longer, but cleaning up my pencils is something I can start right away… Here’s the start.

Ron’s a great guy; take a look at his Joker watercolor sketch. Just awesome.

I have waited to so long to post this, that the joke’s timing is lost. Haaaa.

I follow the amazing TF2/Avatar crossover by madjesters1, in which Medic is my favorite (his mentor relationship with Pauling is seriously one of my favorite relationships in… almost anything). I also lurk around the AoT/Avatar crossover.

So, if Marco and Medic met… Curiosity, and probably a wee bit of concern.

I wish I had a reference for Medic’s outfit when I drew this

this one, this is tough. bringing it in for a WIP critique tomorrow

To inquire about commissions, send me a Tumblr note, or Tweet me at @ConAffettoKiko!


  • Payment goes through my Paypal. For commissions below $30, full payment is required up-front. For commissions above $30, the payment is split: half up front, and the other half upon check-in
  • Check-in is a free service thrown in for any commission above $30! When I am approximately halfway through the commission, I will send you a low-res image for you to give feedback on and for me to make changes you request. After your OK and the other half of the payment, I’ll complete the order.
  • Once the order is complete, I’ll send you the high-res digital file of your image, with my signature at the bottom. You are free to post the image whenever you wish, but you must keep my signature in! I will also hold onto the rights to post it on my own site (with any OCs credited to you, of course).
  • I do OCs (with a written or visual description) as well as fanart, as long as the creators are OK with fanart (IE: no Homestuck fanart). No NSFW. Gore is OK.
  • I’m currently only opening three slots. If there is considerable interest in more, I will probably open up a waiting list!

A few WIPs for the second of three short stories, featuring the strange and uncanny Red.

More WIPs of the covers for Knocking on the Sky: three short stories.

can you light robots on fire? yes, yes you can indeed

More progress on 2/3 covers for my graphic short stories! Still not inked; they will be inked and changed more.

An impromptu photoshoot today yielded some fantastic pictures of me and my waifu, Marie Mjolnir.

We’ll both be attending Nebraskon 2014!

before and after: ie, look up references sooner, conaffetto you dumb walnut

im going to need to get better at painting robots