Lamont and Hosa, practicing.

Process work, with more awesome inking by my secondary artist.

go to bed, sir


Hey guys! You wanna help a friend of mine? Well he made a super neat game called Kazgar’s Revenge! If you like puns and dungoen crawlers then go say yes to this game! Heres a description!

"Kazgar’s Revenge is a local multiplayer dungeon crawling game, in which you play as a bored middle-aged villain who must take back his tower after being kicked out of it. "

If you like the sound of it please say yes on steam and reblog this post to spread the word! Thank you! \^w^/

how can you resist dat flex

revenants and people who dislike them + bonus unintentional crotch grab

i shouldn’t be allowed to use pen

posting the last of the Strings doodles I found on my hard drive before i forget about them

the top one is kind of an inside joke

doodles attempting to get out of art slump


Sil Rowley, outclassed by his wife Tes.