An impromptu photoshoot today yielded some fantastic pictures of me and my waifu, Marie Mjolnir.

We’ll both be attending Nebraskon 2014!

before and after: ie, look up references sooner, conaffetto you dumb walnut

im going to need to get better at painting robots

Part 2 of “summer drawings I forgot I had”

some preliminary work for a set of covers I’m working on right now. the pencils are done, but the colors are just testers because i cant paint because my color impulses are not great.

soon my secondary artist will ink these, then ill paint them for real

feedback welcome

Cleaning out my summer sketches and I FORGOT SO MANY OF THESE EXISTED

and yes, that’s soul eater’s professor stein in a wedding dress. uh. yeah.

Step-by-step of a quick painting I did awhile ago. I’m really trying to work on my color/painting, since it’s pretty abysmal. But working!

see i draw comics and then

dont let me

do this


Con Sketch Countdown to NYCC: DCU lady heroes appreciation post

I love these sketches so much. It’s so easy to get bogged down in the negative, sexualized portrayals of women in comics, but seeing artists like Christopher Jones is just really, really cool. A set of awesome lady heroes, teens and adults— everyone in well-composed poses that aren’t about showing off boobs or butt, but instead focusing on who the character actually is as a person. 

I met Chris at Anime Detour 2014. He’s an awesome guy— I went to one of the panels he ran, picked up a Two Face print, and he even gave me some feedback about a graphic novel I’m doing! Jones’ work is a great example of treating female leads as PEOPLE. There are comic artists that give a damn about this stuff!

Jones did a bunch of work for the Young Justice comic books and is currently working on a project called Parallel Man. Check him out!

Lamont and Hosa, practicing.

Process work, with more awesome inking by my secondary artist.